Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for you to peruse:

 Can I get a message on my cake?

Yes, you absolutely can! Simply choose "For £3 please add a message to the cake in this order" on the Cart Page and add your message in the box.

How should I best store my cake?

We recommend storing the cake in a cool, dark place. A fridge would do nicely. Once cut and you're taking a break from devouring it, clingfilm the cut edges and pop it back in its cool corner. The cakes are best eaten within 3 days of delivery.

What if I'm not in to receive my delivery?

We deliver cakes between 9am and 3pm but aim to have your cake with you before noon. Sometimes we get a lot of orders and it takes us longer, unfortunately. 

If you there's a chance you won't be in, let us know in the Cart page where we can leave it (back garden, shed, with a neighbour). We will text you a picture of where we leave it.

I would like to send something to a friend who lives in Edinburgh.

We can absolutely do that! Just change the delivery address and recipient name to your friend's and please make sure they know they're expecting a delivery! 

You can also have a message added to your order via the box on the C
art page. 

Can I add a message to my order?

Absolutely! Use the box on the Cart page to do so. You can always also send us an email at and we'll sort you out. 

Please note: a message is not a message on a cake! Those are different kinds of messages!